October 30, 2020

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Why should you have a great domain service for your HYIC?

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Introduction: High Yield Investment Companies are those companies that promise high returns to their customers. They utilize the money plowed in by the new investors to pay off the already existing companies. This kind of scam investment scheme carries a high risk as it offers returns of 1% per day. Moreover, details of the management of the company or details about the utilization of investors’ money to offer these returns will not be disclosed. For a website to stay active on the internet, it needs the service of a web hosting company.

Many domain hosting service providers provide cheap, affordable for HYIP companies. Because of the nature of these websites, these websites are subject to constant phishing, DDOS, and another kind of security attacks. They have the appropriate requirements to enhance the credibility of your HYIP hosting. When a domain host secures your websites, more and more people prefer to enter your website.

How a great domain helps you turn a lot of eyeballs?

A professional web hosting service will enhance the credibility of your website. A professional web hosting service provider will help your business grow and reap profits. It will also provide additional backup facilities for your website. Just like a successful movie requires a good story to be a massive hit, a website to be always up and running, a great web hosting provider is essential.

1. Improved performance: When you hire the quality services of a domain host, the speed of your website will improve. A customer leaves your website when it takes a long time to load. The customer experience metrics suck! When more and more people visit your website, the ranking automatically improves. The ranking of your website improves as it is pushed to the list of most visited websites list. 

2. Continued technical backup: When you advertise on a big scale and are ready for the website launching, the internet fails! Your website becomes invisible to those who have been waiting for the launch and leaves a major impact on your HYIC business. To make it appear, you need the service of your domain host. A domain host has the power to revive your website and ensure that there is no major impact on your business because of internet failure.

3. Helps you look professional: Just the way a great college boosts the possibility of getting a great job, the services of a domain host help you get business. When you create an email id with a wonderful domain host, your HYIC how much ever risky it is, will gain credibility. The people would prefer to invest in your business looking at the credibility of the domain name associated with your email id. If the domain host provides many inbuilt email features along with their email services, it is a double bonus. 

4. Increased security: As HYIC websites are prone to spam and unauthorized visitors issues, getting a reliable domain host will solve these security issues. If a hacker steals even one of your million files, it will pose a threat to your survival. A reliable domain host will provide multiple levels of security to keep your files as well as information safe from hackers. These web hosting services protect your data centers, prevents other websites from sharing the same server. Finally, a quality host domain service provider will provide backups at regular intervals to secure your HYIC website.

5. Improved Uptime: Usually, every host domain service providers, include a clause called “hours online” for every website. Most of the time it will be 99.9% and the .1 % is the time when a website goes offline. It is due to a maintenance issue, server down the problem a website faces. When you hire an excellent domain, your website will be up all the time. It will induce more and more people to invest in your HYIC and will bring in more resources to your company. 

In short, HYIC is those scam companies that have no fixed agenda of investing in any business to yield profit for its investors. These companies pay back profits to old customers using investment from new customers. This kind of company suffers a lot of security issues due to the nature of the company.  If you have an excellent domain service provider for your HYIC, you can pull in more money by attracting more customers and secure your website from hackers.

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