October 30, 2020

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What Are The Common Exclusions In Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance

If you are planning to head overseas, it is important that you look into securing yourself with travel insurance. While we all look forward to having the most wonderful and positive experiences on a trip abroad, life can sometimes send unexpected challenges our way. The best thing that you can do is prepare yourself financially to meet any unforeseen circumstances. A travel insurance policy covers you against personal accidents, third party liability, loss of passport, and loss of checked-in baggage, among other things.

However, just like with any other form of insurance, a travel insurance policy too comes with a certain set of limitations. In this article, we take you through the main exclusions that are generally placed in travel insurance policies. 

1. Travelling against the doctor’s advice

Coverage is excluded if your doctor advises you not to travel or if you are expected to receive medical treatment. It is also excluded if you have received a terminal prognosis for an illness. 

2. Coverage for war and radioactivity

Any illness or injury that arises from war, civil war or rebellion will not be covered. Also, coverage is not extended for participation in military, naval or air force operations. 

Direct or indirect losses due to ionizing radiation or radioactivity from nuclear fuel are not covered. 

3. Claims prior to commencement of the policy

No claims can be made for any accidents or injuries that occurred before the actual commencement of the policy. 

4. Pre-existing illnesses

Any health complications that arise from pre-existing illnesses are not entertained. For instance, if you have been suffering from diabetes, any claims related to diabetes complications suffered while overseas will not be considered. 

5. Participation in high-risk sports

Injuries or losses that result from participation in risky sports may not be covered. Do keep this exclusion in mind if you plan to indulge in risky sports such as sky diving or bungee jumping. Some insurance plans allow you to include coverage for adventure sports as an add-on at an extra charge. 

6. Claims for accidents under the influence of substances

Claims for accidents or sickness that occur due to the consumption of drugs or alcohol are not entertained. 

7. Planned overseas medical treatment

A travel insurance policy is only designed to cover you for exigencies. If you plan to receive medical treatment abroad, you cannot claim coverage. 

8. Certain contents of baggage

While you do receive coverage for loss of checked-in baggage, there are usually certain limits placed on this coverage. For instance, you may not get reimbursed for any cash or jewellery in the bag. The clause covering the nature of reimbursement can vary between insurance providers so do be sure to discuss the details with your insurer. 

These are the main exclusions that are commonly found in travel insurance policies. It is recommended that you ask your insurance provider to help you with a detailed list of their own policy exclusions. 

Do make sure to secure yourself with travel insurance before you head overseas. Speak to an insurance provider or agent for more details on available plans. 

We hope this article proves helpful for you. Take care and travel safe!

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