August 12, 2020

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Watch online South Asian Movies and free download

Nowadays, South Asian movies seem to score top charts due to their high-quality content with better graphics and Cinematography. Acting is a precious skill that takes these movies into the next level. So many top Actors and Actresses are now recognized by other regions of the world also due to their natural acting skills and hard work.

Watch online and download for free

You can watch online South Asian movies on so many different platforms all over the internet. Here we talk about the platforms which provide you a better picture and sound quality. These sites provide you top quality of movies in the different languages according to your suitability. Some of these sites are fully free to use where you can watch and download movies. If we talk about premium sites then on these sites you have take plan for a month or year and spend a little bit of money to watch and download movies.

So let’s talk about the best platform which is suitable for you for both free and paid subscription to watch and download South Asian Movies.

1- Hotstar

It is the top streaming service around India. Many people love to watch and download movies through Hotstar. Novi digital entertainment run services of Hotstar in India.

2- 9xmovies

Most of you people want free services than 9xmovies is the best option for that.

Here you can download movies in all language without paid subscription.

3- Hindilinks4u

It is an illegal site that is not run through a proper license. But this site provides you a high range of movies without malware and bugs on it and makes your day awesome.

4- Amazon prime

Amazon Prime is a paid subscription to watch and download movies online. Here you can find tv shows, movies in all categories like drama, horror, action, comedy, romance, etc.

5- Netflix

One of the most popular and highly paid subscriptions to watch movies and Tv shows. Streaming on Netflix is far better than any other platform. In this pandemic situation, Mostly people prefer Netflix to be their first choice.

6- youtube

A free platform to watch South Asian movies and much more. Everybody in the world is aware of youtube and its features. This platform is regularly updated on time according to the need of users.

7- Einthusan

This site is closed due to some license agreement but will be open soon for its user in the future. This site is mainly popular for South Asian movies and If it will open in the future it will be a great competitor for other platforms.

8- Cinewoly

Here we come with another option for free download movies. Cinewoly is an old, famous, and strong competitor against all other platforms.

9- Pinterest

Here on Pinterest, you have to sign-up first and register your identity on-site through your mail to gain access. 

10- Worldfreeforu

One of the most popular websites for free movies. Here you can download movies in high definition with better sound quality and subtitles. This site is too much famous because of its wide collection of movies in Bollywood, Hollywood, South Indian movies(Tollywood) and much more.

Why to choose these platforms

  1. No buffering and high-quality server for easy streaming without any breaks
  2. You can use these apps on android and ios both.
  3. High picture and sound quality make you feel an awesome experience.
  4. You can give feedback and rating to these sites in a single click.
  5. These platforms provide you with movies in many languages like Tamil, Hindi, English, Kannada, Telugu, etc.
  6. You can watch and download the movie for free and paid both as per site requirement.
  7. Mostly every South Asian movie is available on these sites.