August 12, 2020

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Top 5 Cisco Certifications (Cost, Prerequisites, Exams)

Whether you are a new Cisco person or you are ready to hone your current skills, the Cisco certification process is for you. Not only do you need a lot of time and money to secure technical certification, but you have the potential – and many of them. Cisco certifications are no different; you can also choose from many options. On the other hand, like many, Cisco online training deals with core certs grounded on the individual’s benefits as well as abilities. Therefore, one must consider this logically since it is the most stimulating phase but crucial as well for the line of business.

Topmost Cisco Certifications…

Below we have added cisco certifications guide for all the inspired network engineers

CCT Certification

The Cisco Certified-Technician (C-C-T) is primarily intended for people who plan to support or are now supporting Cisco devices, usually with more technical support. The core group consists of those with some technical experience who want to connect networks. Common job titles can be on-site support technicians, on-site support technicians, or network support. The skills required to pass this test are divided into four areas, including recognizing Cisco tools and related hardware, describing how Cisco IOS software works, networking, and service knowledge. This certificate is full of operational knowledge, but a higher-level CCNA certificate will explain why and how to configure something in a certain way.

CCNP Certification

Cisco Network-Certified Professional (CCNP) is the highest point above CCNA and requires a much deeper understanding of different technologies and features. CCNPs generally work as senior network engineers in a variety of environments. Passing the CCNP is often considered more difficult than passing the CCIE test because knowledge is required for each technology considered. CCNP requires you to pass three different tests: Cisco IP Routing Implementation (ROUTE); using the Cisco IP Switched Network (SWITCH); Cisco Network IP Maintenance and Support Solution. Everyone is focusing on specific information that will allow you to improve your CCNP training. As an IT manager, you want your team to get CCNP certification for several reasons. As with CCNA, it allows you to test the skills of your technicians. It provides your team with an additional level of technical knowledge; the additional depth between previous witnesses and the CCNP is significant and very useful for future projects.

C-C-E-N-T/C-C-N-A Certification

The purpose of the CCENT requires that you understand the various basics of the network and configuration commands. CCNA is usually younger network engineers working to develop more experienced engineers to develop their knowledge. CCENT is ideal if you want to do more than fieldwork because it allows you to manage, configure, and manage networks yourself. To become a CCENT certificate, you must study and pass the Cisco Part 1 Compliance Exam (ICND-1) (100-105). CCENT (ICND-1) pays a lot of attention to the basics of network routing and switching. On the way to hands-on the C-C-N-A phase, one has to learn as well as clear the I.C.N.D – 1 plus I.C.N.D – 2 test. It allows them to validate their knowledge; Employees who can complete the CCNA have proven their knowledge of many Cisco technologies and capabilities.

CCIE Certification

Cisco Certified-Internetwork – Expert (C-C-I-E) shapes the areas which acquired while learning C-C-N-P. Candidates who want to know the goals met will be sought and become a CCIE. The intention of the CCIE is to be used to measure the level of individual knowledge of certain materials defined in the objectives. To get a CCIE, you have to pass and pass two different tests: the CCIE test of measurement and written change (400-101) and the CCIE test of measurement and change. CCIE written exams are computerized and CCT, CCNA, and CCNP. As an information technology manager, you want your CCIE certification for several reasons. First of all, it significantly improves the depth of knowledge of employees, including increasing comfort.

CC-Ar. Certifications

For people looking for a network architect or architect job, it makes sense to get a Cisco Certified Architect (CC-Ar.) certification. CC-Ar. is similar to a doctorate. The Cisco Career Certification Program is the highest level that Cisco can offer. This title confirms the ability of a senior architect to run an Internet company – someone who can design and build an IT infrastructure based on business plans. CC-Ar. is considered one of the most difficult technical certifications. To become certified, you must develop an online solution to implement a particular policy; then you should see a panel labeled Cisco to explain and protect this solution.

Advantages of Cisco for Organizations

Cisco Technologies is a global authority for computer networks and has become a popular choice for optimizing and protecting those networks. For this reason, Cisco experts are invaluable to organizations. Cisco certifications help a company provide the right skills to facilitate distribution and provide support for the full use of your Cisco products. This allows you to maximize IT investment and reduce downtime when qualified technicians take care of problems. For this reason, customer satisfaction grows when problems are resolved quickly. If you are interested in lifelong networking/architecture, it is recommended that you specify a Cisco certification. There are several jobs available to complete the Cisco certification. So, if your goal is to find a job in the IT sector, this certificate can help you achieve that goal.

Does An IT Career Require Cisco Certification?

The Cisco certified specialist is generally considered the best career qualification in the IT sector. The basics learned in this certificate will provide you with a strong and competent foundation for building a career. This level of access to Cisco certification is a prerequisite for many shared computers, and many organizations do not even consider a candidate without that qualification. While there are many opportunities for growth in the field of information technology, getting out the door can be difficult. 

Most organizations use rigorous filtering equipment to hire new members and without the right skills, and your resume can be rejected immediately. Employers choose qualified candidates because they are considered less risky and become members in a much shorter time than those who need full basic training. Obtaining a Cisco certification allows you to perform your duties efficiently and effectively and assures your employer that you can qualify for the job.