Should I Be Worried About Side Effects Of The COVID19 Vaccine?

The availability of a COVID19 vaccine means that we can now breathe a huge sigh of relief. The days ahead seem brighter already as we can once again look forward to normalcy resuming all around. However, there have been reports of people facing certain sideeffects after receiving their dose of the vaccine. Cases of sideeffects have been noted in Singapore too – around 432 people in the country reported sideeffects in January. 

The Life Insurance Association Singapore (LIA) recently announced that all Integrated Shield Plans will now cover hospitalisation due to sideeffects of the COVID19 vaccine. Apart from that announcement, leading insurers in Singapore have also begun offering special insurance products for COVID19 vaccine coverage. All thismight make you wonder whether you should have any immediate cause for concern.

Some of the sideeffects that have been reported include an onset of fever and slight swelling at the point of injection. Mild sideeffects are noted to be quite normal; therefore, people who experience them usually have nothing to worry about. In some cases, people have experienced more severe reactions – there have been cases of anaphylaxis too that require hospitalisation. 

While the likelihood of having an extremely adverse reaction to the COVID19 vaccine is not too common, it is advisable to be aware of what is happening all around. 

Getting coverage against side effects of the COVID19 vaccine

You can get coverage for sideeffects of the COVID19 vaccine too. Keeping in mind the need for coverage, some insurers in the country are even offering their COVID19 vaccine coverage plans free of cost at the moment. 

COVID19 vaccine coverage is available for Singaporean citizens, Permanent Residents, and even expatriates who have valid passes. You need to be at least 18 years of age to be eligible for coverage. Buying the plan is super easy – you can get it from an insurer’s health app. All you need to do is download the app, register your information, and buy coverage. Just a few clicks to stay protected! Under the COVID19 vaccine plan, the insured individual will generally get daily cash allowance for a certain number of days if they are hospitalised due to complications from the COVID19 vaccine. This allowance can vary between insurance providers and help one meet any expenses that arise due to sideeffects from the vaccine. 

Having a COVID19 vaccine coverage plan can serve to supplement the protection that you receive from your health insurance in case of COVID19 vaccinerelated complications. While your Integrated Shield Plan will cover your hospitalisation expenses, the daily cash allowance from your COVID19 vaccine coverage can perhaps be used for any other costs you may incur during recovery. It can be used to pay for transportation costs of a family member to the hospital or to compensate for any loss of daily wages incurred.  

While the COVID19 vaccine is not mandatory, it is advisable to look into getting your dose. Do speak with your doctor in case you have any queries with regards to your specific health issues. Remember to review your health insurance coverage regularly so that you keep your coverage up to date with your evolving requirements.

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