Planning To Paint Your Front Porch? Here Are The Best Tips

Resting on a beautiful porch during the summer days, reading your favourite novel, or chatting with your partner — this is something everybody would love to cherish. But to maintain this alluring vibe, you need to make sure that your porch is aesthetically appealing. For that, there is nothing better than painting it again!

This excitement of painting the porch can be overwhelming. Even a small mistake can make or break the look of the exterior walls. But not anymore. In this article, we have jotted down some of the essential tips you must keep in mind before painting your front porch. Take a look!

Prep The Porch

The real work for painting the porch begins way before you even take the paintbrush in your hands. It begins with the preparation of the front porch. Below are some things you must do prior to the paint job: 

  • Remove the dirt and dust from the porch surfaces. 
  • Wash it properly with water and clean the railings and doors. 
  • Use a sand paper to clean and trim the chipping paint to ensure the new paints sticks properly. 
  • Fill any holes or damage in the walls with putty or white cement. 
  • Fix the nails or any sharp object that might hurt you. 
  • Cover all the surfaces like floors, window shutters, doors, furniture, plants, and switchboards to avoid staining them. 
  • Apply primer and let it dry completely to ensure a smooth and durable paint job. 

Choosing the Paint

This is the most exciting and confusing part of this work. From choosing the paint colour to exploring the best brands, you will need to research a lot to make sure it is done right. Follow the below-listed tips and get done with this task easily: 

  • Consider the weather and climate of your city. Since the exterior walls of the porch will have a constant effect on the weather, you must make sure the new paint can bear it for years. 
  • Explore the online catalogs for finalizing an attractive color combination for the front porch. 
  • Choose a waterproof paint for outside walls as they can protect them from moisture and damping. 
  • Buy test sizes of paint to check which suits the best. This will not just save your money but will also help in getting the perfect look. 
  • Also buy paint for the windows, railings, and furniture to make sure your porch gets a brand-new look altogether. 

Hire Professionals

DIY painting is becoming a trend nowadays. You too can try it if you have some experience. Otherwise, you will end up not just ruining the look of your front porch but also wasting a lot of money. Check the Asian paints price and you will know what we are talking about. Thus, the best way to avoid any blunder, hire a professional. The team at Aapka Painter has years of experience in handling every type of painting job. Here is how a professional company can help you out: 

  • Get experts’ help in choosing the right shade and quality of paint.
  • Get the painting done in a smooth and hassle-free manner by experienced painters. 
  • No wastage of paint or damage to the surface as the job is with careful precision and quality. 
  • After paint cleaning is also not your headache as the painting professionals take over everything – the pre and post paint tasks as well. 
  • Free consultation call and services that suit your budget. 

To know more, don’t forget to make a call. It’s free!

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