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From making medicines and healthcare products more accessible to online consultations, PharmEasy has revolutionized the landscape of medicine in India. It has made medicines more available and uniform throughout the nation and consolidated a major share of outpatient services. In a similar chain of events, PharmEasy now seeks to capitalize on the surgical industry and extend its services to recommending and providing consultation for surgeries. 

The move will significantly impact various interlinked aspects, such as the competitive surgical industry, the revenue and future growth of PharmEasy, and PharmEasy share price. A deeper study into the subject will reveal that with Surgicare, PharmEasy has the potential to revolutionize the future of surgeries in India.

Surgicare: Objective & Potential Results

“SurgiCare is relentlessly pursuing its mission to go beyond day-care surgeries and encompass a more patient-centric approach while simplifying the surgery process. We take care of everything from consultation with expert doctors, getting a detailed diagnosis, conducting necessary tests, scheduling surgery, arranging commutes to and from the hospital, and assisting with insurance paperwork to post-surgery consultation. PharmEasy SurgiCare is dedicated to serving patients from various cities in India and other countries.” The CEO of Surgicare disclosed in a discussion on SurgiCare and the company’s aims.


PharmEasy aims to extend its services by launching SurgiCare, which will allow it to take to the surgery domain. Now, the company can provide consultations and recommendations for patients who require surgeries. It can connect them to nearby doctors and hospitals, which is another step to solidifying its footing in outpatient services. Surgicare has a dedicated team of Care Experts who provide guidance to the patients throughout the whole process of surgery, from diagnosis to the final surgery. 

PharmEasy’s Surgicare will also help the patients in finding the right hospital in their preferred budget for the surgeries. 

Potential Results

The move will make PharmEasy another step closer to India’s most consolidated outpatient health service provider. It is significantly ahead of its competitors, and SurgiCare will allow it to continue extending to related healthcare domains. In the near future, it will prove to be a crucial step in helping PharmEasy to make a healthcare ecosystem that ensures all the services for wellness to its customers. 

How Will SurgiCare Impact PharmEasy Stock Price?

It is clear that Surgicare will extend the consumer base of PharmEasy and add more patients to the e-commerce platform. The impact of SurgiCare on PharmEasy share price will be decided by the successful implementation and consumer’s reaction to Surgicare. However, the experts have a positive sentiment about the move. PharmEasy has exhibited its expertise in taking revolutionary steps in the healthcare industry. Over the past years, it has successfully established the most extensive online medicine store and reduced the costs of diagnostics by acquiring Thyrocare. 

Therefore, the investors are optimistic that Surgicare will be a subsequent success and will add substantial figures to PharmEasy stock price. 

SurgiCare & PharmEasy IPO

PharmEasy has a busy 2023 ahead, as it announced its intentions to extend its outpatient services a few months ago. However, it is notable that the company is IPO bound and can launch an initial public offering after the conditions are more favorable.

The parent organization of PharmEasy, API Holdings Limited, filed a Draft Red Herring Prospectus with the Indian regulatory body SEBI on Nov 11, 2021, but later withdrew the papers in August 2022. The company clarified that the geopolitical settings and its cash balance were unfavorable. Therefore, the new expansions and major projects have to bear more responsibility of uplifting the company’s value to bring higher biddings in Initial Public Offering in the future. 

PharmEasy Unlisted Shares

PharmEasy (API Holding Limited) is a private limited company by its share type, and it is not listed on stock exchanges like NSE and BSE. However, PharmEasy unlisted shares are actively traded in the grey market. The reason for the high demand for PharmEasy shares is the company’s leading position in the health tech industry. With its futuristic business model and the technology-oriented niche in the industry, PharmEasy is a company that is bound to find greater significance in the coming years.

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