Organic Essentials: What To Buy For Your Baby

As a new parent, you and your baby are just getting to know one another. It can be surprising to realize just how much personality newborns already present; you’ll quickly learn your little one’s unique little quirks and mannerisms. In the absence of many experiences, you have to trust your parental instincts to make the best choices for your baby. These decisions can be especially anxiety-provoking when you’re trying to find a remedy for one of the many common infant issues. Typical over-the-counter medications may seem awfully strong to give to your tiny, delicate bundle, but you need something effective. Organic treatments can often work just as well for some issues as their medicinal counterparts, but with less risk of adverse effects. These days, you can find natural products made to treat almost anything, but when it comes to your baby, where do you start?

Tummy Troubles

If your baby is fussy, there’s a good possibility that some tummy trouble is going on. Is it gas discomfort or an upset stomach? A good treatment for tummy issues is Wellements Gripe Water. This certified organic herbal remedy can also help hiccups or calm cholic. Nighttime Gripe Water contains chamomile, making it an excellent choice to help your baby sleep peacefully through the night.

If your baby feels a little backed up, Wellements Organic Constipation Support could be an ideal option. Safe, organic ingredients like prune concentrate and chicory root fiber can help to regulate your little one’s GI system.


The teething process can be a difficult time for babies. We hate to see our little ones in pain, but we also don’t feel good about giving them products geared more toward adults. Fortunately, there’s a safer option that’s benzocaine- and belladonna-free, yet still helps soothe your baby’s gums. Check out Wellements Baby Tooth Oil reviews to see what parents are saying about their babies’ teething experience using this formula.


The sound of sniffles is never a good sign. However, part of being a child is building up an immunity to different “bugs.” Finding safe and effective organic products to treat your baby’s cold symptoms can also ease your peace of mind. If your baby has a cough, you can try organic cough syrup developed just for infants. There’s even a nighttime version to help your little one sleep through the discomfort.


During the cold months, a baby’s already-sensitive skin can get especially dry and chapped. An organic all-purpose balm is an excellent year-round, head-to-toe solution for infants and toddlers. Keep one in the nursery and one in the diaper bag to be sure you always have one on hand. From flaking to chapping to chaffing, your baby’s skin could begin feeling and looking better immediately with a soothing balm rub. Calm your little one by applying a soothing organic rub to the chest and feet. Calming scents of eucalyptus and lavender can promote relaxation in a fussy baby.

Whatever your little one is likely to suffer, you can probably find an organic product that will soothe it. Fortunately, you can be proactive by stocking your medicine cabinet with safe, natural alternatives so you’re prepared when an issue arises.

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