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wearing Retro Jewellery

We all love to wear accessories that are the latest, trendy, something that is in vogue. We do a truckload of research to be associated with all things latest and fashionable. This is in general for every accessory we use- but when it comes to precious Jewellery we all love to wear just anything. Precious Jewellery is way different from everything else. However, sometimes we fall short of accessorizing ideas; here are some common retro Jewellery items that have relevance given any age and time. The only secret to it is knowing with which outfit to wear them on, given the right outfit even simple gold hoop earrings can exhume charm.

Navratna Malas:

The Navratna malas top the list of retro Jewellery, for the high glam they carry. The exhilarating shine each stone carry cannot be defined in words. Together they are magical, the Navratri signify positive energy neutralizing all the negativity surrounding the adorner. What was once only considered an exclusive ladies gold ring adornment was also used excessively in necklaces, bangles, earrings but have not been very popular. The Navratna malas can be complemented with beautiful stud earring designs. They go great on rich Kanjeevaram sarees, lehengas, Gaghras, even flowing gowns too. You can also mix and match them on cocktail dresses. 


Another Jewellery piece that is only found in a grandmas Jewellery chest is the Kante. An oversized locket with plain gold twisted chain forms the blueprint design of a Kante. Kante as the name suggests in Telugu – are meant to stay close to the “Kantam” or the “neck”, hence the name Kante. They are different than the chokers. While Chokers are broad, the Kante is thin gold strings centered with a compelling locket which is either a temple design locket with goddess Lakshmi embossed on it or an Antique locket. You can adorn them on Heavy Anarkali, Indian dresses, western gowns, and a lot of other cocktail outfits.

Broad Kadas:

Broad Kadas or the single broad bangles were once a Raja maharaja adornment, but as time passed they found their place only as bridal Jewellery. The broad Kadas can be a go-to style if rightly matched with outfits. They are design populated, some of them come studded with oversized stones, some of them are also contoured with goddess Lakshmi Devi. You can find elaborate peacocks, elephants, and floral booms on these broad Kadas. They go well with every Indian Outfit.  

Precious Hair Accessories:

Another very traditional and forgotten Jewellery is precious hair accessories such as – gold Ambadas, Champaswaralu, gold flowers, Suraydu- Chandrudu, gold Jada, gold Bun net, etc. These are beautiful hair accessories that are lost in the realms of time. They can be bought back to trend readily. Many of the precious hair accessories can be only made to order, they are not available as regular Jewellery like gold watches for men, earrings, gold chains, necklaces, etc.

While the retro Jewellery adds a dash of glamour, they can be revived, brought back to life by uniquely styling them. Follow simple tips and tricks and bring an exotic look to your outfits.