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Is blinking too much is an addiction or a disease

Blinking too much can be very irritating for your eyes as well as vision. Despite its different advantages, like cleaning your eyes when you blink, it spreads the tears on your eyes’ outer surface. Moreover, it can protect your eyes from unnecessary effort for adjusting to an environment.

Babies and toddlers blink only 2 – 3 times a minute, but when they reach adolescence, the blinking rate increase to 13 – 14 times a minute, and you face it for the rest of your life at the same rate.

You must be thinking that if you blink more than 13 – 14 times a minute, you suffer from excessive eyes blinking. Well, this blinking rate does not define excessive blinking eyes. When blinking can affect your vision or activities, then it will be called excessive eye blinking.

The most important thing you should know about this is that the odds of your eye blinking too much habit as being a serious medical condition are very much low than you think. But, according to some neurological conditions, There are some cause:-

  • There is a condition called Wilson’s Disease. The reason behind this condition is the excessive amount of copper in your body. The decomposition of copper in your body can cause different symptoms, and blinking too much is one of them.
  • In medical terms, Multiple Sclerosis identified as a sickness that affects the central nervous system of the person. This condition can cause different problems with your eyesight, vision, the ability to control your muscles and ultimately can be the reason behind blinking too much.
  • Another medical condition called Tourette Syndromecan cause too much blinking.  When muscles around your eyes move suddenly, it can initiate too much eye blinking.

Reducing the habit of eye blinking too much:

Any doctor can suggest you some effective treatments by just examining your eye condition, but for some swear condition like Corneal Abrasion, refractive errors, Retinal Disorders, and eyes blinking problems you have to appoint any eye doctor so that they can use their respective tools to examine your eyes thoroughly, For other health problems click here

You can appoint an eye doctor to examine your eyes thoroughly for blinking too much unnecessarily. They have to conduct a refraction test to make sure whether you need some glasses or not. Moreover, they can use a microscope to determine whether your eye’s surface has some other issues.


Depending upon your eyes’ condition and the leading cause that is causing your eyes to blink too much, you are going to need treatment. When no specific cause is found for your excessive blinking, your doctor will just wait to see what happens in the next few months or weeks. Usually, this habit does not get better by itself.

Anyways, there are some commonly suggested treatments for too much blinking habit.

  • You should avoid being around an environment that your eyes are allergic to, like smoke, pollution, dust, etc.
  • You can use the ointment for your eyes
  • Use allergic medications
  • Use good sunglasses while traveling.
  • Use effective anti-biotic medications that are suggested by your doctor.
  • Avoid excessive use of mobile phones, laptops in a dark room.
  • Don’t let your eyes struggle. If your doctors have recommended you some eyeglasses or contact lenses, use them efficiently.
  • Drugged Botox injections or without drugs Botox injection can reduce Meige syndrome.
  • As we mentioned above, stress and anxiety can cause this problem, and you can use anti-depressants, exercise, yoga, and getting enough nights of sleep.

Left or right Eye Blinking:

Left or right eye blinking

If you have a problem with just one eye (left or right), this condition is called Eyelid Twitch, and you know how annoying and disturbing it can be. It is caused by involuntary eyelid muscle contraction that can affect the lower eyelid.

Treatment of left eye blinking or right eye blinking is utterly dependent on its severity. If it is not happening on a regular basis, you can practice some precautions at home before going to an eye doctor. Before jumping straight to the treatment, we have to define some common causes of the left eye or right eye blinking, which are given below:

  • As we have mentioned above, stress, anxiety, and fatigue can be the reason behind blinking too much.
  • An excessive amount of caffeine can cause left eye and right eye blinking.
  • Different allergies like dust, pollution, smoke, or perfume.
  • You are keeping your eyes dry.
  • I am not getting enough or even poor nutrition.
  • Making your eyes struggle in the environment, like not applying recommended glasses or contact lenses.
  • If your eyes are sensitive to sunlight, not using sunglasses can cause left eye or right eye blinking.

It is rarely possible that your left eye or right eye blinking can be the result of these severe conditions.

  • There is a rare medical condition called Bell’s Palsy, and it can cause some effect on just one side of your face (left or right), and this condition can cause the respective eye blinking (left or right).
  • A medical condition called Dystoniacan cause some effect on muscle spasms, and the area of your face that is affected by this condition can cause left eye or right eye blinking.
  • Another medical condition called Multiple Sclerosis can affect the central nervous system and ultimately left eye or right eye blinking.

How can you deal with left eye or right eye blinking Issues?

This eye twitch can be treated by doing some practice before going to an eye doctor. Some of the standard precautions are given below:

  • If you are having some stress, try to relax by keeping yourself busy or developing any hobbies. If you are not allergic to flowers, we will recommend gardening to reduce stress.
  • Reduce the amount of caffeine.
  • Take some extra rest, try to get enough sleep on a daily basis.
  • Apply a warm compress to the eye that is blinking (left or right) or gently rub it.
  • Apply sunglasses if your eyes are sensitive to sunlight.

Even after taking these precautions, your left eye or right eye blinking will not reduce, then take some notes. Note the intake amount of caffeine, alcohol, smoke, or the level of stress you are going through, and then appoint an eye doctor.