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How to get rid of puffy eyes after crying

Beautiful eyes always attract people towards them but the dark circle under the eye never looks so good. Just like other parts of the body, the eyes are also required extra care because if you never give importance to this organ, your face will look so dull. Especially, puffy eyes one of the main eye problems,s and people also quarries about how to get rid of puffy eyes after crying or after waking. Let’s discuss it further.

The reason behind our tears:

We are taking the most necessary function from our eyes. The whole day we are using our eyes to see other people and things. When the whole day our eyes seeing everybody and opened then our eyes also needs moisture. The eyes produce a definite amount of tears. The tears are produced by the lacrimal gland that creates fluid in the eye. This moisture content flows on the surface of the eye and protects the eye from dryness. Tears protect our eyes and also helps in improving eyes from debris.

When a person cries with emotions, he/she expressing their feelings according to the situation.  Tissues around our eye absorb the tears came out from our eye and make the area puffy. There are many types of tears which represent different types of feelings at a time.

Basal Tears:

Basal tears are present on the upper layer of the eye to protect it from dryness. The upper layer is known as Cornea. Functional tears also protect the cornea from any type of dirt and debris. Functional tears are important for the eye. If our eye stops making it properly, we can face many problems through it.

Emotional Tears:

Some strong and stressful feelings can develop emotional tears. Mostly emotional tears related to somebody’s attachment, exhaustion, physical pain, compassion, and empathy. Emotional tears release when you deeply feel something hurting inside.

Reflex Tears:

Reflex tears are one that expresses the feeling of irritation. The things which create irritation in our eyes like onion scent, smoke, and foreign bodies.  The eyes produce fewer basal tears than the Reflex tears. Reflex tears are one which has antibiotic properties and fights against bacteria.

Some incredible ways to reduce the swollen of eyes from Crying

How to get rid of puffy eyes after crying

There are many ways or tips which are used by most people to reduce the puffiness around the eyes. Many people apply many things to manage discoloration and flushing. Many serums, eye drops, and creams are available in the market to reduce the puffiness around the eyes. But some do not use these products without the recommendation of the doctor.

If you are going through a breakup or some emotional situation then you have to take of yourself. But every person has some emotion which insists a human being to let him down and cry a lot also they don’t know how to get rid of puffy eyes after crying. Their eyes look too puffy and then they search to reduce it but lack of information makes it a more horrible situation in their daily life. They avoid people near them and live lonely so nobody notices them quickly.

If you want to know how to get rid of puffy eyes from crying then you must take notice of the things written below:

Massage or Gently Tap the area:

Whenever you do a massage or gently tap the area of puffiness, it stimulates the blood circulation in your blood vessels. It is an eye exercise to increases blood flow in the affected area.

You have to work on a special area like on your brow. When you are doing massage, you have to work on pressure points. Then use two fingers and tap on sinuses. Start from one side of your nose and take it on other hand. You can feel the moving fluidly on those sides. Do Massage in a downward motion and away from your face. Remember the pressure points and did it carefully for 3 minutes. And if you are getting comfort, then do it more and repeat the process. This process after done helps to how to get rid of puffy eyes after crying and you never face again.

Cold compress:

A cold compress helps in reducing the swollen area. You can also use ice packs and move them around the swollen area of the eye. Take some face wash on your hand and rinse it with cool water. For a comfortable zone sit on a chair. A simple remedy to remove puffiness from the eyes is to use the wed and clean cloth put it under the eye and keep repeating this process twice a day. You will get good results for sure.

Cucumber Slice:

Cucumber is a good ingredient for the protection and relaxation of the eyes. You must keep them in your refrigerator. Cucumber Slice is used to reduce the Soothe Puffy eyes and also prevent the swelling from eyes. Wash the cucumber and Take 1/4 inch pieces of cucumber and place them on your eyes and relax for a while. Keep them on your eyelids until they get warmer.


Black Teas packs contain Caffeine which helps to penetrate the skin and erase puffiness around the eyes. It also enhance the blood circulation around the eye. Whenever you try out this method you will get good relief. Keep two wet black tea packs in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.

Apply Serum:

You can use eye serum which reduces the puffiness around the eyes and make your eyes glowing and the perfect art of beauty. You can apply the serum at any time of the day. The serum has extracting formulas that reduce the swelling of your eyes. Make a routine and use it regularly.

Use Face Cream:

How to get rid of puffy eyes after crying? It’s a common question and Face cream is another option to resolve this problem. The face cream is available in many types of company products. But you can use a famous and good one after research each product. Face creams are used for whitening extracts but some are also used for reducing the puffiness of the eyes.

Use an Eye Roller:

The eye-roller has many benefits itself. The metal roller is used to circulate the blood in vessels. It is the best eye exercise which provides you comfort. The Beauty Detox Eye roller is best for use. It reduces the puffiness between the eyebrows and the eyes and nearby. We can also say it a mini massage because it hydrates your skin and gives a cooling formula. Your skin will start glowing in just a few months. read more about other eye problems.