October 30, 2020

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How to choose the furniture for your home

Are you already thinking of buying furniture for your new home? Then you can’t miss these useful considerations to know before buying furniture that is incompatible with your style and the needs of your whole family.

There are those who think that it is necessary to buy everything that is part of the home furnishings, including paintings and ornaments. Or there are those who have mistakenly already purchased furniture or furnishing accessories previously and find themselves with a ton of useless and disorganized junk around the house.

Both believe that it is necessary to have furniture and various accessories immediately, but this is only one side of the coin.

Designing the furniture according to the home

The fundamental question, which these types of customers forget, is that you first need to know what the interior design is and the final product when it is completed.

The furniture must be designed and purchased according to the house, not vice versa.

In practice, for those who think they have to put their wallet in order to immediately complete the home product, I highly recommend to curb their instincts, mainly for three reasons:
1. Budget
2. Freshness of the house
3. Certainty of not making mistakes.

BUDGET: do not increase the design costs of your home

During interior design, it is better to give an order of importance to what we have to insert inside our home, without being in a hurry and without risking to burn their savings in useless purchases or which we should then regret (this situation happens in 70% of cases). For example, when you buy a TV unit, make sure your spending on it is not excessive so that it “interferes” with spending on other furniture.

FRESHNESS OF THE HOUSE: following an interior project

I am clearly not referring to the temperature of your home, but it is of fundamental importance not to be too busy plugging every hole in the house even before the project. This is because we still don’t know which are the perfect pieces of furniture for your new home. Only time will allow us to understand and find that piece of furniture that will give value to the rooms of the house each time.

SAFETY NOT TO BE WRONG: furnishing your home step by step

Easy to say, very difficult not to do. For a person, or even a couple, who is far from the question of furniture and interior design, it is very difficult to immerse themselves in an interesting, exciting, but at the same time dangerous world like this. The mistake during a furniture project is really around the corner and time will make us pay for it with interest.
Those who find themselves in the situation of having to put their hands on the furniture and home furnishings need to enter this world slowly because, if they entered with a straight leg, they would go crazy and start buying instinctively.

Or even worse, to buy a copy

It is very easy to fall in love with a piece of furniture in the home of friends and relatives and wants it so much that you buy it without considering the consequences.

For this reason, it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to enter the world of interior design with lead feet, there are too many variables to consider, variables that – I don’t want to hide it from you – some furniture stores don’t even consider.

I’ll give you an example of some variables

And neither prevails over the other, they are ALL equally important!

For this reason, it is better to respect different steps during the furnishing project, with different depth levels, otherwise, the confusion will prevail. Once all the variables and possibilities have been analyzed, it would be appropriate to assign a scale of importance to what are the real needs.

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