September 21, 2020

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How Can You Prevent DDoS attacks On Your Website

Prevent DDoS attacks

If you are familiar with the website designing and developing, usually in the final stages of the website designing and launching, several tests are underway. All of these tests had done successfully. Even after that, your website crashes or goes offline or it meets a particular failure. It is mostly because of a lack of DDoS attack protection. 

Here, we have your attention to crucial points such as what is a DDoS attack? Moreover, how can you prevent those attacks on your newly built website that can not only harm your website but also can degrade your business?

First, a DDoS attack can break the foundation of your website. This either can crash or can make your website go offline or slow down your server so that no one can access your website.

Simply, the goal over here is to make sure that you prevent this kind of DDoS attack. DDoS is Distributed Denial of Service where the main goal is to overload the website servers with so much traffic that they ultimately corrupt the content of the website and thus disrupt the normalcy. 

How Distributed Denial of Service Attack Happens?

Before we even get started about why these attacks happen, understand that there are several types of DDoS attacks. One variant could be where traffic is completely overloaded to the entire website that it simply does not have the capability to contain and hence shuts down. Next, the attacker sends traffic to only a few parts of the website thereby making only one certain part of the website non-functional. 

Here, the most important thing that you can note is that these are variants of the same attack but they are carried out on a large scale. These attacks completely drain the bandwidth of the website’s capacity to hold the data in the backend and it goes over the limit that leads to disabling of the website functionality. 

Why Do These Attacks Happen?

Is there a particular motive behind this attack? Why does this attack happen? You will find a lot of hackers that have their own malicious intent to send a DDoS attack on a website. 

It can be due to gaining personal information or disruption of a new business. There are again targeted traffic attacks, asymmetric attacks, or a combination of both called multi-level attacks. These multi-level ones can completely disrupt the website and shred the foundations too. 

So the reasons are mentioned here why hackers would want to engage in a DDoS attack. It might happen because maybe they want to damage the public image or gain access to personal data. 

How Can You Ensure DDOS Protection?

As much damage it can cost, the DDoS attacks can be easy to prevent if you take necessary precautions. All you have to do is to get good web hosting done with DDoS protection. So that at the beginning itself you are protecting your website from any dangers. 

Companies such as Genius Guard give highly dependable DDoS protection to your website because they have advanced technology to prevent DDoS attacks. If you are able to secure this DDoS protection, then you can have a great online presence and your business can run as usual without any issue. 

Thus, always invest in good quality network hardware. This can help you to quickly detect any kind of problems with the website. If you choose good network hardware, then it can help you quickly transmit any kind of data be it your router, the cables you use for the network, etc. Always remember that you need to invest in good quality equipment to ensure that your website can run smoothly.

It is understood that a small-time business owner can find it difficult to invest in expensive protection software. But, you can protect your website against these attacks via approaching a web hosting service that already offers DDoS protection. 


You can get a DDoS mitigation service for your website either so that you can prevent any other attacks or you can invest in great network hardware to secure your website. You can successfully modify and strengthen your hardware so that you will not face any issues further. Ignore any kind of requests that you get which are outside of the network and they can work great without any kind of threat. 

It is highly recommended that you should use a managed DDoS protection provider. It is might be helpful to bear the costs of the DDoS protection software. This is the best possible way to get protection. If you are short of funds to allocate to your website security than it will help you. Try and eliminate any kind of website vulnerabilities. So that you are not the target of even a small or a very complex DDoS attack. 

Hence, try and install the necessary plugins for protection from the dangerous DDoS attacks. You can also use some web application firewalls and content distribution networks. It can effectively prevent any kind of malicious attack. 

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