October 30, 2020

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Fred Brisker – Reasons to Always Invest in Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance

Insurance can be a pesky thing, it is great if something goes wrong and you have it, but pretty annoying if you have it and never need it. Sadly however this is just the way that insurance works and there is a worrying number of people who refuse to stump up for homeowners’ insurance. Home insurance expert Fred Brisker has been highly vocal about the need for homeowners to ensure that they are protected at home and that there are many who face great problems when they do not have insurance, and something goes wrong. Home insurance is not mandatory, but here is why you should have it anyway. 

Things Go Wrong 

Whether we like to think about it or not, things do go wrong in the home and it is important that we understand this. Now you may think that a spillage that damages the carpet is something that you could take care of on your own, but what if there is a fire? What if there is a flood when you are no home? These things do happen and they are not always as a result of negligence or anything like that, these things happen for a variety of freak reasons, and you are going to wish that you had homeowners insurance when they do. 


Many people completely fail to understand just how much certain issues will cost to fix, and most people who do not have homeowners insurance don’t have the funds in place to pay for mass damage to the home. In some cases this will mean that the homeowner needs to plunge themselves into debt in order to rectify the issue, others may have to move out completely. 

Peace of Mind

Above all else, home insurance simply offers peace of mind to the homeowner who can be safe in the knowledge that they are covered no matter what may go wrong at home. There is also a certain financial peace of mind which you will get when you have insurance as you will know that the very most that you may have to pay should something go wrong, will be the cost of your deductible. This helps with financial planning and it also helps to make decisions around the home. For example, you may be more inclined to take risks around the home that you certainly wouldn’t if you were uninsured. 

Out of Your Control 

Many who don’t believe that they need homeowners insurance do so because they think that they are responsible enough to ensure nothing happens to the property or its contents. Unfortunately, however, not all of this is within our control. You could have your home broken into, you can fall victim to the events of a natural disaster or you may find that an appliance you have bought is faulty and causes damage. It is impossible to control everything in the home, which is why home insurance is important to have. 

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