September 21, 2020

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Frank Andreoli Montreal – What To Love About This City

City of Canada

For my good friend and colleague Frank Andreoli Montreal has been the city which he’s loved since he was a kid. Frank has family in Montreal and regularly gets back there. He was the reason why this was my destination the last time that I went to Canada. I have always loved heading up north but it wasn’t until speaking to Frank about Montreal. After it, I decided to give it a go, and I instantly fell in love. 

If you have not yet been to Montreal then here are just a few reasons why you are going to really love the place just as I did. 

Food Options 

Despite this not being a huge city the food options on offer were incredible, and very diverse indeed. It was not however the choice of food which blew me away. There are many cities which can boast the same, it was the high standard of the food which I ate. For example, I went to a very small backstreet fast food place, independently owned and which didn’t look like it promised much. It was there however that I had the finest poutine which I tried during my entire Canada trip, high end or low end, the food is outstanding. 


Diversity is another adjective used to describe many cities but there really aren’t many which are quite as diverse as Montreal. To begin with, you have a diversity of cultures between Canadian and French, then there is also the diversity of residents who have come from all over the world. There is also great diversity in terms of weather, winter boating lows of minus 26, and summer with its highs of 30 Celsius, variety is very much the spice of life here in Montreal. 

Space and Ease

Make no mistake about it, this is certainly a big city and it has all of the trappings that you would expect in a  principal city. With this being said however the entire place really just feels was, stress-free and spacious. Whether it be jumping on the metro during rush hour or grabbing a table in a restaurant, there is really no issues in terms of crowding or traffic in Montreal. This felt so calming and a relaxed city to wander around. 

Hidden Secrets 

There was a real feeling of ‘what’s around the next corner’ here in the city. There is so much art and amazing building design that it really was an exciting place to discover. From prohibition-style speakeasy bars to pop up markets and restaurants, it seems that there is always something fresh and new to try or see. During our 5 day break, we watched a speech in a temporary art gallery. We saw the amazing cathedral put on a light show. We ‘broke’ our way into a brick wall that turned out to be a bar. There is a real sense of wonder and excitement on a Montreal evening. 

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