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Learning that a violent crime has occurred on a property that you own is traumatic enough. Facing the prospect of having to clean the site once the authorities no longer need access to it only makes things worse. The only practical solution is to hire a <a href=””>crime scene cleaning company Atlanta Georgia</a> and have them ready to begin the cleaning as soon as the police release the site.

Assessing the Nature of the Crime Scene

An expert from the company will get an idea of what it will take to clean the site. Some of that information comes from the police who are investigating the scene and some of it is from personal observation that’s conducted without actually entering the scene properly. The details garnered in this manner make it possible to get an idea of what will be needed to clean the space, how many people to assign to the project, and an approximate idea of how long the cleaning will take.

Preparing Personnel Equipment and Supplies

With an idea of what the crime scene cleaning will involve, it’s possible to use the time between your first contact and when the police release the site to prepare for the job. That will include selecting personnel who will head up the team as well as the team members. There’s also the need to select and prepare the cleaning equipment needed to ensure all biohazards are removed from the scene.

Attention is also given to all supplies needs to manage the cleanup effectively. The best cleaning agents are chosen based on what kind of cleaning must be done The range of protective gear is also selected during this step. The goal is to protect the team from any type of threats that may be encountered through touch or even inhaling during the job.

Cleaning Disinfecting and Deodorizing the Crime Scene

Once the authorities no longer need the scene for investigative purposes, the team from the crime scene cleaning company Atlanta Georgia will begin the cleanup. All hard surfaces are examined for signs of biological material or all types. That includes the ceiling, walls, and floor. Any furniture that’s not upholstered is also checked. In many instances, hard surfaces that are not saturated can be cleaned and salvaged.

Soft surfaces are another matter. They may or may not be restored. Anything that cannot be cleaned thoroughly will have to be discarded. The team will oversee the removal and ensure that it’s done in a safe manner.

Finally, space is disinfected and deodorized. This ensures that there are no airborne threats remaining in the space and that any odors lingering after the crime are eliminated.

One Final Inspection

The cleanup is not considered finished until the team does one more inspection. That’s to ensure no minute traces of biological material remain in the space, and that no surface was overlooked. Once the inspection is complete, the team will remove all remaining equipment and alert the property owner that the task is done.

Keep in mind that a professional crime scene cleaning team has the experience to structure a cleanup so that no time or resources are wasted. For you, that means regaining access to the property quickly and being able to put it to good use once again.