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Electric Car Charger

You’re sold on the idea of installing electric car charging stations. Now it’s time to get down to the details. This is where getting help from a general electrical contractor in Seattle Washington will prove invaluable. Consider these ways that this type of professional can help. 

Evaluating the Layout of Your Parking Area

Before any changes are made, it helps to come up with a plan for how to supply power to those charging stations. This will likely mean deciding how to install wiring and other essentials so that the stations can be connected to a common power source. 

There’s no one better to figure this out than an electrical contractor. By evaluating the current layout of your parking area, it will be easy to identify the most efficient ways to run more power lines to space and ensure that connecting to them will be simple. 

Providing the Electrical Wiring to Support the Stations

In order to create this new element for your parking lot, it helps to have the right supplies. That includes the right type of wiring to support the flow of current that you anticipate. While you may not be sure how to select the right types of cables and wires, rest assured the general electrical contractor will have no trouble selecting the ideal elements. 

Keep in mind that it’s not just about supplying power to the charging stations. It’s about ensuring the load is never more than the cables and wiring can handle. It’s also about installing fail-safes that ensure the system can shut down if there is some type of problem. That’s another area where the contractor’s advice will make a huge difference. 

Aiding in Determining Where to Place the Stations

Along with evaluating the current parking area and figuring out how to supply power to the new stations, there’s the matter of determining how many stations to install. Even then, you will need to determine if you want to cluster them in one area of the parking lot or have them placed at the end of the rows so they are relatively close to your store. 

A general electrical contractor in Seattle Washington can provide some practical suggestions for where to place those stations. The professional may also have some insight into how many stations to install initially. You may find the contractor provides an idea of how to add more stations later on and still be able to rely on the electrical array that you install now. 

Making Sure the Installations Meet Local Standards

That general electrical contractor will be up to date on all the specifics of local codes and regulations. This is important since you don’t want to spend time and money installing stations only to find that they don’t meet local standards. In other words, the contractor can make sure things are done properly the first time. 

Keep in mind that the contractor is aware of more than current standards. If there are any changes on the horizon, the contractor will know about them as well. This provides you with the opportunity to meet those pending standards as well, and not hope that what you do today will be grandfathered in when the new ones go into effect. 

The bottom line is that the installation of charging stations requires the support of a general electrical contractor. Call today and arrange for a visit to your site. Doing so will make the project easier to structure and help avoid a number of complications in the future.