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Health Insurance

Since the 1950s, dengue, a virus spread by mosquitoes, has been a serious risk to human life. Millions of people have passed away from this disease worldwide over the last six to eight decades.

What services are provided by dengue health insurance? 

Compared to a standard health insurance policy, dengue health insurance plans offer a wider range of coverage. Be aware that this plan’s eligibility ranges from 91 days to 65 years. The oldest age at which you can purchase this plan is 65. As a result, you can get your elderly parents who are under the age of 65 years, medical insurance plans from India that covers dengue. This policy’s length is typically one year.

  • This medical insurance coverage may pay up to 10,000 Rupees for outpatient care, pharmacy costs, diagnostic testing, outpatient consultations, home nursing, etc., when a policyholder is identified as having dengue. 
  • This plan can pay the room fee for a single AC room. 
  • This plan will pay for pre- and post-hospitalisation costs for a total of 15 days. This includes the cost of tests, appointments, and medications.
  • Plans for Dengue health insurance often cover 6 people (the figure may change as per the terms of the insurance company).

What is not covered by this health insurance policy? 

The following is a list of potential exclusions from a dengue health insurance policy: 

  • Any complaint made over a treatment that isn’t for dengue. 
  • Receiving care from a person or organisation that is not authorised. 
  • Any medically unnecessary medication or treatment for a particular condition. 
  • Active legislation. 
  • Make a claim for the treatment of an elderly person or a newborn child. 
  • The treatment was made available outside of the nation’s borders. 

Dengue health insurance plan waiting period

A policyholder cannot file a claim against their health insurance coverage during the waiting period. According to the terms and regulations of the insurance company, a waiting period of 15 days from the policy start date may be applied with regard to Dengue health insurance coverage. A waiting period often only applies to the first purchase of a particular health insurance policy, not to renewals.

Free look period 

An online health insurance might grant the policyholder a 15-day free lookup time. The policyholder must review all about what health insurance is, the provisions, exclusions, and other aspects of the policy before deciding whether to keep the Dengue health insurance policy in effect. He or she will have the option to cancel the policy at this time, and the premium will be refunded. *

The requirements for a claim against a dengue health policy 

Cashless claim *

  • Within the first 24 hours of emergency hospitalisation, one must inform the insurance company. Any delay could lead to the claim being rejected.
  • One may need to notify the insurance provider of a scheduled hospitalisation at least 48 hours beforehand.
  • The insurance provider will then send a letter of approval or refusal. 

Reimbursement claim *

  • Within seven days of receiving therapy, it may be necessary to notify the insurance provider.
  • To start the claim procedure, you must submit a properly completed claim form together with the other essential papers (included on the claim form).
  • If the business needs any more papers, the insurer may send a communication within seven days.
  • The average time it takes to settle a claim with Dengue medical insurance is fewer than 30 days.

Purchasing an online health insurance plan that covers dengue has become more of a need than a choice due to the rising number of dengue cases. Some insurance providers include coverage for dengue as a part of their fundamental health insurance program.

As a result, you can get this coverage as a standalone plan or an add-on, but be sure to understand what is health insurance and include it in your overall portfolio of health insurance.

* Standard T&C Apply

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.