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3 BHK Luxurious Flat

Proper lighting plays a vital part in brightening the ambiance of your flat. Most flat dwellers know how important it is to have a perfect lighting setup. Due to the lack of natural light, a 2 BHK flat in Uttam Nagar or say in any other area may look dreary and depressing, however luxurious it might be.

Thus, here are 8 professional tips to choose the perfect lighting for your flat.

Perfect Lighting Tips for your Kitchen

Let’s say, you have a   3BHK flat in Delhi Uttam Nagar. In that case, you must have a fine, luxurious kitchen. To make it look even more attractive, here are some lighting tips:

Use Under-Cabinet Lights

Although under-rated and still considered as vague, under-cabinet lights can be of great help. These lights not only light up the countertops but also create a fashionable look.

Illuminate the Dark Corners

The dark corners of the kitchen, such as the shelves, corners of walls, cupboards look beautiful when lit up. Although most people neglect them, lighting them up can also prevent any rodents or insects to nest over there.

Light up the Ceiling

Warm lighting that focuses on the ceiling brings charm to your kitchen. You can use fluorescent lamps as well as warm white LEDs.

Perfect Lighting Tips for your Living Room

3 BHK flat in Uttam Nagar, has a luxurious living room with ample space that 

ensures comfortability as well as fun. The challenge lies in lighting up the entire space optimally. Here are some tips that you can use for lighting up your living room.

Choose According to Your Wall Paint

The magic to an irresistible living room lies in the color combination of the walls and the perfect lights to enhance them. Hence, choosing the lights according to the wall paint is very crucial.

As a thumb rule, never use too many dim colors in your living room. Since this room is the one where your guests will spend most of their time, it should be bright enough to not kill their moods. We suggest you go with neutral colored lights of high wattage (power) to bring a cheerful effect.

Chandeliers – Classy and Soothing

Although not so famous now, chandeliers add a touch of class to the living room. Soothing to the eyes and also a sign of uniqueness, a chandelier can easily steal the spotlight. The best part is that these are available at relatively cheaper costs than most people think.

Use Changer Lights

Changer lights are a relatively newer form of lighting solution that has gained tremendous popularity. You can easily change the color and the tone of these lights using a remote control.

Perfect Lighting Tips for your Bed Room

Whether you have a 3 BHK or a 2 2BHK flat in Delhi Uttam Nagar, taking excessive care in decorating the bedrooms is a must. Thus, here are some tips to choose the perfect lighting for your bedroom.

Warm Lights are a Must

Bedrooms are a place for us to relax and rest after a tiring day out. Thus, we suggest you use warm colored lights. This is because these lights have a soothing effect and are calm to watch.

Minimum is the new Maximum

When it comes to bedrooms, try keeping it simple. The lesser lights you use, the better it is. Use a LED or any other bright light for emergencies. Along with that, use a bedside lamp or a dim lamp.

So these were the 8 professional tips to choose the perfect lighting for your flat. You can always use a combination of lights and perform several experiments to choose the best.

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