August 12, 2020

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Blue Light Filter Glasses – Make Way for Spot-on Style With Protection

Many people think blue light filter glasses make them look unappealing due to the yellow tint they usually have. This makes them avoid blue light glasses and also miss the benefits they bring along. 

But, what if we told you, that blue light filter glasses are not always yellow tinted. They can be crystal clear and still protect you from the harmful effects of blue light. 

Yes, that’s absolutely right! In fact, these clear lenses when paired with designer glasses can help you stick out a mile and show off your fashion sense in the subtlest of ways.

However, what is blue light? Why do you need to be protected from it? What benefits does a pair of blue light filter glasses bring along? Let’s get you the answers to all these questions.

Blue Light Filter Glasses – 6 Benefits That Make Them the Boon

Blue light is a high energy part of the visible light spectrum while our eyes can see it, they can’t really handle the energy and thus are prone to damage from blue light.

This damage can hurt our retina – the layer behind the eyeball which sends signals to our brain through the optic nerve. This process is what helps us see. But the damage to the macula (central part of the retina) can lead to macular degeneration which can further lead to vision loss.

Apart from this, your eyes may also become prone to cataracts due to prolonged exposure to blue light.

BENEFIT #1. Blue light filter glasses help block the blue light that screens of digital devices and fluorescent lighting emits and thus save your eyes from diseases like macular degeneration and cataracts.

Additionally, blue light affects the production of an important hormone called melatonin – it is the sleep hormone. With that affected, you are bound to get to sleep late and thus hamper your sleep cycle. This means your circadian rhythm can go haywire and may lead to insomnia.

The trouble with lack of sleep is that it doesn’t allow the body the time it needs for decluttering the brain. With no sleep or poor quality sleep, neurotoxins start building up in your brain. These cause damage and raise the chances of depression.

BENEFIT #2 Blue light filter glasses help filter the blue light, exposure to which can lead to insomnia and depression.

While these points mentioned above talk about little serious issues, many people tend to ignore computer vision syndrome. This disease includes every seemingly harmless trouble blue light causes. It may be eye strains, headaches, blurry vision, dry eyes, watery eyes, and sensitivity towards light. As small as these issues may sound, these can together lead to mental discomfort. 

BENEFIT #3 Blue light filter glasses help prevent computer vision syndrome, one of the most common ill-effects of blue light.

It’s not just your eyes that get affected due to blue light and its damages. Your body feels the wreck too. 

The effect on hormone production like melatonin and cortisol leads to irregularities in metabolism. Studies suggest that this problem can increase your chances of having diabetes and obesity. That’s because hormones like melatonin help in the breaking down of glucose and stop it from becoming fat.

BENEFIT #4 Blue light filter glasses lower your chances of having diabetes and obesity by filtering out blue light.

With all that said, do you think you’ll be able to work productively on your phones and laptops with all those things mentioned above? Improper sleep, headaches, eye strains, dry eyes, depression, obesity or diabetes. All these will take away your physical and mental energy required to do productive work. That too, slowly and steadily, in a way you won’t even realise you are getting closer to doomsday. 

So, to be the best at your work, and make sure your career only amps up, you got to be working with full efficiency and productivity. 

BENEFIT #5 Blue light filter glasses help you stay productive by not letting blue light entering your eyes and playing with your hormones.

Talking of ‘playing’, we are sure you also want to be efficient while you are gaming. Whether you are playing call of duty or solitaire, you have to be in the best of your senses. You need to have your vision at par if you want to score at the most impossible of times. After all, that’s what makes you the top class gamer you wish to be. You can’t let distractions like that of blurry vision and dry eyes that come with exposure to blue light and let them ruin your scores and also the fun in the game. 

Thus, you need something that will knock off this opponent called blue light effectively and help you use your ammo effectively.

BENEFIT #6. Blue light filter glasses act as amazing gaming glasses as they block blue light.

It is because these are made with crystal clear lenses, they do not create any color distortion and make sure to get you the scores you deserve. 


Now, you know how blue light filter glasses protect your eyes and your sanity. But the best way to use them is by wearing them as a prescription or non-prescription glasses. And that, in designer glasses available at Specscart. These frames of our assortment are made in a variety of styles to smile at. From cat-eyes to wayfarers, rounds to aviators, in marble or tortoiseshell prints and various other colors, Specscart brings you mesmerizing pairs to don. You can also choose the ‘reglaze my glasses’ option if you already have your favorite frames and we’ll make your pair with high-quality X-blue lenses. This way, the blue light filter on glasses will make sure to shield your eyes without compromising on style.

To add to that, the blue light filter glasses and any other piece of eyewear that we have at Specscart come with fully loaded lenses that have free anti-glare, anti-UV, and scratch-resistant coatings. These add to the protection that blue light filter glasses provide while adding the flattering appeal.