best surrogacy centers in Mumbai

Infertility is the inability to conceive a child after several attempts. Like any other health condition, infertility too can be managed and treated easily. Many people are not aware of the options of assisted reproduction. Surrogacy is one of the assured and successful methods of assisted reproduction and helps infertile patients conceive successfully. The best surrogacy centres in Mumbai provides hassle-free and effective surrogacy treatments. 

Surrogacy treatment in Mumbai 

Mumbai is home to a plethora of world-class medical facilities and hospitals that provide outstanding patient care and treatment. The fertility centres of Mumbai offer all kinds of fertility treatments, all under one roof. The surrogacy program is one of the various fertility treatments available in Mumbai’s fertility clinics.

The surrogacy hospitals in Mumbai provide treatment plans that recognize the opinions of intended parents and provide them with the option to customize their treatments to match medical needs. Self surrogacy, donor surrogacy, and guaranteed surrogacy are just a few of the various kinds of surrogacy treatments available at the best surrogacy centres in Mumbai.

How is surrogacy performed in Mumbai’s top surrogacy centre?

Since surrogacy is a multi-staged, and almost a year-long process, the intended parents are fully informed of all the steps in detail during regular consultations. The medical staff is committed and well-informed. The specialist doctors are trained and experienced in giving the best care to the intended patients and the surrogate mother, while also delivering successful results. 

The surrogate mother and the unborn child are exposed to routine screening and blood testing to rule out any anomalies. The intended parents rest assured about the safety of the surrogacy process. As a result, surrogacy in Mumbai is a good choice, as it is home to several of the country’s best surrogacy centres, where surrogacy is performed efficiently and with high success rates at a low cost. Thus the best surrogacy centre in Mumbai carries out surrogacy in a healthy, nurturing, and caring environment that has a comfortable state-of-the-art infrastructure and where all the treatment process is carried out in a controlled laboratory with the most advanced equipment.

How much does surrogacy cost at Mumbai’s best surrogacy centre?

The average cost of Surrogacy in Mumbai often starts from INR 15 lacs onwards. The cost differs from patient to patient depending on several criteria, including the patient’s current and previous medical condition, the kind of surrogacy treatment chosen, etc. the surrogacy centre’s location, the availability of surrogacy specialists and advanced equipment, and so on. It’s crucial to remember that the whole cost of surrogacy in Mumbai includes legal, medical, and non-medical costs.

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