September 21, 2020

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Birthday is one of the best days of a child’s life. We have to celebrate our child’s birthday to make him feel and make that day a memorable day for him. So we are here with some brilliant ideas that how can you celebrate your child’s birthday.

Make Morning special

Firstly, make that morning special, covered the whole room with ballons, so it’s the first thing he seen in the early morning when he woke up. He feels surprised when he woke up in the morning by seeing the whole room filled with balloons and he also feels good after seeing that. So it’s a perfect idea for the morning when he woke up.

Line a pathway from his bed to the breakfast table with a red carpet and make sure to put a happy birthday sign on his door by which he can see that when he comes outside from his room, it’s a very special feeling for him.

House Decoration

Decorate the full house for the birthday party when your child is not in-home or when the child is sleeping. Make sure that he can’t see anything because at the time of celebration when he sees suddenly all these things he completely feels surprised and I bet you this feeling make him very happy.

Birthday Message

You can also place the birthday message in the washroom mirror or under the toilet seat lid. And also make sure to hang a birthday banner in your child’s room.

Special Breakfast

At the time of breakfast, you have to make sure that their breakfast looks special in comparison to other days. Even if they having the same breakfast which they do always so just put it nicely for them by which they feel some special on that day in comparison to other days and u can also make his favorite breakfast for him on his birthday.

Birthday Gifts

You also have to give them their birthday gift, you can give them for example, a bicycle, a new dress, a new video game or anything which u think that it is much needed for your kid and which makes your kid feel happy you can gave them it as a birthday gift to them.

Celebrate their birthday especially like filled the whole house with balloons, invite his friends on the time when u celebrating his birthday, dressed your kid properly at night and you can also give him a new dress on his birthday and make sure to invite his all friends.

Birthday Cake

Ordering a beautiful cake on his birthday party and if your kid like chocolate you can order chocolate cake for him you can make it more special by writing his name on the cake and blowing candles in the cake at the time when you celebrating his birthday by which his birthday become more special.

Dance Party

You can also arrange a dance party for him and his friends to make that day memorable for your kid. If your kid loves dancing so it’s the best idea to also arrange dance for him and his friends by which he and his dance together and make that day more enjoyable and memorable.

Birthday Song

You can also make your song for his birthday. You can try to find out rhymes that belong either to their name or their age. You don’t use the traditional birthday song but a song which makes him feel happy and he can enjoy on that song.

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