Benefits of Solving ISC Class 12 Previous Year Question Papers

Board exams are very stressful and challenging as they need proper concentration and study schedule. It creates anxiety and pressure among students. Students of ISC while preparing for their Class 12 exam, look for adequate study materials to revise the entire syllabus before time. 

ISC Class 12 exam is considered a turning phase in a students’ life as it decides the students’ future career. Along with the final board exam, students also prepare for various competitive exams such as JEE and NEET. So, the ISC exam of Class 12 should be taken seriously by students and work hard to achieve outstanding marks.

The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations popularly known as CISCE conducts the Indian School Certificate Class 12 examination in February and March. The curriculum is designed by CISCE board to help in the overall development of the students. From the official website of the board, students can access sample papers, previous year papers, syllabus, results, etc.

This article will discuss a few crucial benefits of solving previous year question papers before the exam.

5 Perks of Solving Previous Year Question Papers

1. Revision of complete syllabus.

Previous year question papers help students in revising the entire syllabus before the exam. Solving the previous year’s question papers will help them know the crucial topics to prepare effectively for a particular subject. Students can get a quick revision of the essential topics for the exam purpose.

2. Get to Understand Question Paper Pattern

Solving previous year question papers will make students familiar with the question paper pattern. It also describes the weightage of marks for each section, types of questions asked, important questions that cannot be missed while preparing for the exam. Students will get an overview of the final question paper.

3. Rectify mistakes and avoid them

Previous year question papers help students to rectify and avoid the same mistakes again and again. It also helps them to work on their strengths and weaknesses. Students should make it compulsory to solve previous year question papers regularly without fail. By doing so, they can solve the real question paper with full confidence.

4. Teaches Time Management

By solving previous year question papers, students can note their timings while answering the overall question paper. The more they will practice last year’s papers, the faster they will solve the board exam paper. It will help them to manage time effectively during the final exam. 

5. Build confidence

It is considered that solving the previous year question papers uplifts the students’ confidence level. Previous year question papers help them score good marks in their exam. It also gives them an overview of the final exam paper so that they can prepare themselves productively.

To outshine in their Class 12 exam, students should use their essential study materials constructively. Class 12 is divided into 3 streams Science, Commerce and Arts streams. Each stream has its respective subjects related to the field. The syllabus is also vast, so students should begin their preparation beforehand. Scoring good marks in the Class 12 exam will help students to get admission in prestigious colleges.

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