September 21, 2020

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All Creatures Veterinary Center – What You Should Expect in a Great Vet

Expect in a Great Vet

You would think that all vets would be able to look after animals to a high standard but the truth is that there are some vets out there which I have had pretty poor experiences with. Thankfully after a bit of searching, I found probably the best vet which I have ever been to in the All Creatures Veterinary Center, who have been looking after my dogs now for just over 3 years and I have been absolutely over the moon with how they have cared for them. If you are in the market for a great vet then here is what I believe you should be really focused on. 

All Under One Roof

I appreciate that there will be some extreme occasions when your vet may refer you to the closest animal hospital but for me, a vet should be able to take care of the large majority of the problems which could occur in animals. I have visited vets so many times before which have old me that I have to go to another place for treatment when in reality I should be able to get it at the vet’s. 

Loving Animals 

You would think that all vets love animals but boy can I tell you some stories. I have spent time with vets who clearly are in the wrong profession and perhaps at one stage they did love animals, but now things are very different. As a pet owner, you know exactly the moment when someone loves or hates your animal and animals in general, so always be on the lookout for that. The guys at the AV center absolutely love our dogs but just seeing them with other pets too, it is clear that they just love animals in general. 


Although we do have pet insurance, and I know that most pet owners will have insurance too, I still think that vets should offer reasonably priced treatment and care. With the team at AV, they offer more than just veterinary services, they also offer accommodation and a grooming service which of course isn’t covered by insurance. Nonetheless, the costs for these services, just like their costs for vet care are absolutely great and this is something else which you should be focusing on. I would say that too cheap and too expensive should be warning signs, what you are looking for here is a vet that charges competitive prices for your area. 


I am pretty lucky that AV is on my doorstep as I do think that this is a very important consideration to make. The last thing that you want is to have an emergency and have to drive for a long time to get to the vets. Try to find a vet center which is more or less in your vicinity as this just makes life so much easier. 

Always aim to find the very best vet center that you are able to. 

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